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Lam Ying  was born in China, beginning her violin studies in GuangZhou at the age of 6. She joined Guangzhou Conservatory of Music and studied with renowned violin educationist Prof. Zhang Guozhu when 19 year old. 


With more than 30 years of teaching experience, Ying has developed her special programme to train young musicians. Many of her students has awarded outstanding prizes in local and oversea compeitions. 


Ying is now spending most of her time teaching young musician with her own concept of violion technique development. She gave group lesson with a belief that mature musicianship can be only built at small age through frequent exposure to playing public concert and sharing music with audience. Studying with Miss Lam would be given large amount of performance opportunities. 

Staff Biography

Prof. Lam Ying

Violin Educationist


BMus (GuangZhou Conservatorium of Music) 



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